Breakthrough Technology:

By uniquely blending affirmations, visualization, meditation and the latest brainwave entrainment technology, i-Grasshopper has developed a powerful tool that will help you to transform your life, from the inside out. These tools are called Affirm-A-Visions™ and they help you rewire and reprogram the beliefs encoded in your subconscious mind.

By building and ingraining new beliefs and habits Affirm-A-Visions™ help you to think, feel and act in productive and positive ways. They do this by creating new and stronger neural connections, at the subconscious level, so you can easily achieve all of your goals and dreams. Affirm-A-Visions™ are the simplest and most effective tools that you can use to take you from where you are to where you want to be, faster than ever before!

To use an Affirm-A-Vision™ all you need is your Computer, an iPad, a Tablet and/or a Smaprtphone.