Mirror Neuron System: Affirm-A-Visions™ also take advantage of the Mirror Neuron System of your brain that in essence “mirrors” that which you see. This is a process that babies use to grow their knowledge base and understanding at lightning speeds. It essentially hot-wires your brain to respond just as if you have already achieved the success you desire. Mirror neurons are a crucial part of human learning and patterning. At its simplest, it’s what causes us to yawn when we see someone else yawn. Affirm-A-Visions™ cause your brain to respond as if you have already succeeded and internally your goal moves from a vague possibility to an achievable reality.

Reticular Activating System:
Each time you use an Affirm-A-Vision™, you engage a part of your brain known as your Reticular Activating System (RAS) and program it to keep your subconscious mind alert for things around you that match your desired new vision or goal. The RAS is an essential part of your brain that acts like your very own Google™ search engine to find everything you are looking for in the physical world. As you activate your RAS you become increasingly more aware of opportunities that help align your life with your true desires… exponentially increasing your chances for success in every area of your life.

Binaural Beats
: The audio track of each Affirm-A-Vision™ contains perfectly written affirmations and visual cues of your new goals all surrounded by binaural beats. These are two tones of different frequencies (one in each ear of your stereo headphones) that create a phenomenon in your brain that allows the affirmations and visuals to be absorbed more efficiently. Because binaural beats involve different neurological pathways than does ordinary hearing; we are able to use them to instantly alter your brain’s frequency pattern so that you will experience better results much more quickly. Affirm-A-Visions™ gently guide your brain into a light meditative state which allows them to rewire your internal beliefs faster… as well as quickly gain numerous physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that many people have been struggling for years to achieve.